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The Orchids School

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Aastha – School for Special Children

► NEET Exam 2017 will be held on 7th May in our Institution ► CRASH COURSE for II PUC begins on 13th of March. ► Open day on 28th February in Rama Krishna Nagar premises. Experience the world of Science with your child. ► Admissions open for classes Pre K G to PUC

Orchids Welcomes You All To Happiness

The Orchids Public School is one of the top schools of Mysore which offers stress free, knowledge oriented, activity based Wonder Years Module (WYM) since day one. Our curriculum model is focused on inquiry which provides a powerful framework for teaching and learning and is reflected in the School's Mission Statement. We instill in each student the desire to grow in wisdom, to nurture a curious & open mind and to serve others with a generous spirit.

Our School's Vision is to create an advanced elementary program where students become aware of the shared humanity that binds all people together and develop respect for the variety of cultures and attitudes that adds to the richness of life. Which is what our ancient roots preached and practiced and which is what “Vasudaiva Saha Kutumbakam,” is all about..

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