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Admission Process

  • Admission at orchids is most transparent and unbiased.
  • Age and seat availability will decide the chances of admission to a specific class.
  • New admissions are accepted till September of the respective academic year only. Admissions after that timeline, if at all has to happen it will be subjected to different criteria like the availability of seats or reason for the transfer of child etc…
  • Registration for admission starts from December of every academic year
  • For admission procedures and fees, structured parents are requested to contact us through the mail or over the phone. The contact info is provided on our website.
  • Any wrong information on the application form will amount to disqualification.
  • The Admission Committee reserves its rights on issues regarding admission.


  • The Orchids Public school is affiliated with CBSE with affiliation number 830471.
  • Keeping in pace with modern technology, the school is digitalized in many areas.
  • It is trying to reduce the use of paper and is sending circulars to the parents through the UOLO app and WhatsApp.
  • Innovative activities that take place in the school are updated on social media. TOPS is on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Keeping transparency in mind the school updates all the details including the curriculum on its websites
  • Valuing the time and also with the intention of going cashless, a digital payment facility is available for the payment of school fees.

Norms followed for fixing school fees

  • The school fee is fixed based on the expenses incurred.
  • Monthly salary of all the categories of staff.
  • Expenses towards School Infrastructure, Development, and maintenance.
  • Expenses towards various events organized by the school.
  • Expenses towards school activities.
  • Expenses towards electricity.
  • Expenses towards the telephone.
  • Expenses incurred due to depreciation.
  • Expenses due to other expenditures.


A heart filled with aspirations is all that we knew since the very existence of the school and that’s what gave us the ambition of marching forward till excellence is achieved in all our endeavours. The school has always been committed to create an environment which helps our minds to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of our personality.
This report is comprised of the achievements during the year 2018-19, 2019-20 & 2023-24 and at the same time set the path for greater accomplishments in the years to come.
In the coming year, we are aspiring high with the inclusion of programs such as structured music classes facilitated by Furtado School of Music and STEM activities through Atal Tinkering lab.

1. Physical Infrastructure
When it comes to physical infrastructure, our school always tries to bring in new ideas to improve the way of presenting itself. The school greets you with a beautiful lawn at the entrance and a mini zoo. It has a ground for sports and activities, a play area for the kindergarten, buses for transport, canteen for nutritious lunch. The school also has the auditorium ‘Hasiru Siri’ surrounded by green and a conference hall. The school has state of art labs such as the physics lab, the biology lab, the chemistry lab, the computer lab, and the math lab.
We are ranked 4th in the city by the Education World India school rankings 2018-19 and 2019-20.

2. Academics
Prominence is given to academics and activities are designed for the holistic development of students. Classes are activity-based. Regular unit tests and remedial classes are conducted. Special attention is given to students who need extra guidance. The school feels extremely proud to tell you all that last year we have scored 100% results in the 10th CBSE board exams and it gives me immense happiness to tell you that more than 6 students have scored above 90%.

3. British Council Award
The world has come together, we now call it a global village. To bring peace and harmony to this beautiful planet we should have knowledge of other countries and the ability to appreciate the culture and traditions of others while respecting our own. Thus to bring internationalism in our learning the school applied for the ISA. And we are proud to tell you that our school has been awarded British Council’s – International School Awards 2019 – 22 for its commitment to providing international learning activities. And we will be receiving the award on the 29th of this month.

4. Teacher’s Workshop
Keeping with the school’s policy of continuous up-gradation of knowledge and skills, our teachers attended various workshops and seminars organized by the school and CBSE board so as to improve their academic transaction skills and to update their capabilities.

5. Physical Education
Edu Sports works with schools to implement a best-in-class Physical Education & Sports programme. The programme is designed to offer the same rigor in sports and physical education as in academics.

6. Elections
Elections are held in schools to promote the importance of democracy among the students.

The investiture ceremony was held in the month of July and the elected students were given their responsibilities by giving sashes and pinning badges. The leaders have taken a positive role in discharging their duties.

The students of the school are divided into four different houses, the Challengers, the Explorers, the Rockers, and the Strikers. Each House is managed by teachers and House Captains and House Vice-Captains. The House performs its duty of conducting the day-to-day activities, competitions in a systematic and disciplined manner. We can assure you that the students who are shy to come up are also somehow pulled by the house teachers to bring out their potential.

The students of the school are divided into four different houses, the Challengers, the Explorers, the Rockers, and the Strikers. Each House is managed by teachers and House Captains and House Vice-Captains. The House performs its duty of conducting the day-to-day activities, competitions in a systematic and disciplined manner. We can assure you that the students who are shy to come up are also somehow pulled by the house teachers to bring out their potential.

To instill the idea of cleanliness among the students, the Swach Bharath Abhiyan was started in the school. The students clean the ground and their respective classes every day.
Based on this idea the Swach class award is given to the cleanest class every month.

All national festivals are celebrated to inculcate patriotism in students. Independence day was celebrated in the school. With great fervor students presented a plethora of cultural activities and the school was decorated beautifully by the students, teachers, and the non-teaching staff. Kick boxing, drama, dance, karate, aerobics was also a part of the celebrations.

To provide sound knowledge on the events of national and international importance, the school celebrates World Environment Day. The Orchidians planted saplings around the school thus creating awareness.

Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony and so, on International Yoga Day, the students and the teachers actively participated in the yoga session held at Race Course Mysuru.

To perpetuate the rich culture and tradition of India our religious festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dasara, Janmashtami, and Christmas are celebrated in the school. And on Ramazan, all students sit together and share lunch in their respective classes.

Teachers’ Day was celebrated with immense zeal in the school. Students entertained the teachers through their performances. To add a fun element, teachers were made to play games like a treasure hunt which created an atmosphere of joy and laughter.

The children’s day was a day of bonding between students and teachers. The students looked forward to the celebrations as they would get to see the different talents of their teachers.

The moot court session was held in the school which helped to formulate arguments and express them in front of judges. Students identified the essential skills for any attorney.

Apart from academics the school always encourages the students and gives moral support to participate in various interschool competitions. These competitions have helped the students enrich their knowledge. Competitions have given great exposure to the children and have enabled them to come out with flying colors. The students have brought laurels for the school in sports and other competitions.

There were many events in the school.

It was an event organized for the PU students for a week. It was a stress buster for the students since they were preparing really hard for their boards.

Krishna Janmashtami was organized for the lower class. The students were dressed up as Krishnas and Radhas.

The Orchids got talent was an event that gave the students a platform to showcase their talent.

Skywatching and seminar on ‘Chandrayaan 2’ were held for class 10 and the PU students by Physics Lecturer Sachin sir. We are proud to be Indians and we salute ISRO scientists for their remarkable work.

In the month of February 2019, the students of class 9 gave a farewell to the outgoing 10th batch.


As a part of the interactive activity, the Interactors along with the retired CFTRI scientist visited the nearby village to create an awareness regarding adulterated food and the ways to purify contaminated water.
The Interactors visited a government school and read out stories and interacted with the students. The club volunteered a programme by the doctors from JSS medical at the school premises. Children accumulated a lot of information regarding first aid.
A session on fire extinguishers was organized by the Interact Club.

We had a talk by Anne Knapp the Director of Animal Resources at New England Zoo.
Career counseling was conducted for the students of class 10 and PU by Piyush Kumar sir.

A week-long educational trip from Mysore to Rajasthan was organized by the school for classes 5 to 10. The PU students were taken to Goa. The students enjoyed a lot with the teachers and gained a lot of knowledge about the places that they visited. The excursion programme helped them in building national integration.

Field trips are the most important educational programmes which give practical experience and knowledge in various fields. TheOrchidians were taken to JSS medical college, Nagarhole tiger reserve, the post office, and the police station.
Students were also taken to patriotic movies like ‘Gold’ and ‘URI’ which have truly inspired them.

29.  MUN (Model United Nation)
Replica of United Nation where students represent different countries and engage in debates and negotiations on global issues.

On this memorable occasion of The 17thAnnualDay, we recount our success with pride and happiness, we wish to dedicate all our achievements to the committed efforts of a committed team and it won’t be wrong if It is called a family.
All these achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the joint efforts of the teachers, students, parents, school management, and all those who are associated with our school for the progress in one way or the other.
The school believes in working with the motto,
The 3d’s…. Discipline, Dedication, and Duty.

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The Orchids Public School is one of the top schools of Mysore which offers stress free, knowledge oriented, activity based Wonder Years Module (WYM) since day one. Our curriculum model is focused on inquiry which provides a powerful framework for teaching and learning and is reflected in the School's Mission Statement.

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